Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#kitchncure Day 3: Gadgets and appliances

Gadgets and appliances. They are not my biggest problem - but there was room to improve because I know that a lot of the stuff I have I've been keeping out of guilt.

First up: drawers. They were already divided, roughly, into small stuff, big stuff, bigger stuff, and stuff under the stove. (I know, the cookie sheet on top of the "under stove" pile looks bad... but its purpose in life is to catch drippings under smoking meat, so don't fear.)


Clearing all of this out created this pile of stuff and revealed these hidden-behind-the-bottom-drawer treasures (two oven mitts, three recipes, and one brown paper bag). 


A lot of this stuff was duplicates, triplicates, or stuff we haven't used in years (like silicone bakeware that I swear I thought I would use but actually it's sort of inconvenient and parchment paper is just so much easier), so a donation bag was started. The result?


The "small stuff" drawer needs some sort of organization system, so I put it on the list The Kitchn has us making "for days 5 and 6" (which I become more curious about every time they mention it). The big gadgets drawer acquired a few more things as time went on, but not enough for a new photo. It's still a dramatic improvement - no rearranging needed to make those drawers close!

The cupboards were less eventful.

Mainly, stuff needed to be wiped down, but I did weed out some extra lids and colanders, unused containers and canning stuff that belongs with the canning stuff (in the basement). Result:

Much easier to get to things, plus all of the tea stuff is in one spot, and there's room for storage containers that are currently in-use.

Finally, I ended up where every #kitchncure task eventually sends me: in the basement.

I went from this... to this: 

plus eliminated some off-screen items. And that means the Ottawa Mission (or other charity) will soon be in possession of this pile of kitchen stuff, plus silicone bakeware that's in the dishwasher before it goes:

Prediction for tomorrow: I finally whittle down the dishes!